Keeping Playtime a Priority During the School Year

It's no secret that playing outside makes kids happier and healthier. Not only does it provide a sense of freedom and a great way to relieve stress, it also encourages healthy habits. The physical activity and challenges that outdoor play provide mean kids sleep better, eat better, and develop healthier habits. Unfortunately, outdoor play is disappearing. 70% of moms played outside when they were kids while only 31% of their kids do. CLIF Kid is dedicated to reclaiming play all year long.

It's easy to let playtime get crowded out of the schedule when things get busy during the school year. Here are some ideas for making outdoor play a priority:
  • Establish a routine - It's difficult to fit playtime in around all the other activities back-to-school brings, but by establishing a routine you'll be sure to encourage healthy habits all year long.
  • Plan a project - If you have an idea in mind before heading outside, you might be more likely to follow through. Try one of these 15 outdoor art activities or keep it simple with some sidewalk chalk

Still feel there's not enough time in the day for outdoor play?
  • Try multitasking - Combine homework with outdoor time.  Read outside, practice spelling words while bouncing a ball, or try one of these outdoor math activities

If your kids are the ones that need some motivation to get outside try enticing them with one of these ideas:
  • Go exploring - Encourage kids to go on a nature walk. For extra motivation, make it a scavenger hunt by giving them a list of things to look for like pine cones, interesting rocks, or animals like squirrels and chipmunks. 
  • Play - Teach them some classic games you liked to play as a kid and don't forget to join them. Our kids look forward to our traditional summer games of Kick the Can all year long.
Be sure to continue the healthy habits at snack time. CLIF Kid Zbars® are not only made with organic, non-GMO ingredients, they're free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and synthetic preservatives. They have important nutrients for active kids in appropriate portion sizes with flavors kids love.

Find out more in this CLIF Kid video

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