Chalk Shadows

My kids have been interested in shadows lately and by that I mean that I've been hearing a lot of, "Mo-om, she's stepping on my shadow! Will you tell her to stop???"

Since it was so sunny today and we needed a distraction, we did a quick and fun chalk shadow activity. We posed in the sun.

and traced each other's shadows.

Then we decorated them.

The skateboarder:

The princess:

A fun book to go along with this activity is Shadow. In this nearly wordless book, a girl creates a magical world by casting shadows from the light bulb in a storage room.

If you liked this activity, please check out my book, Chalk on the Wild Side.

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  1. We LOVE playing with shadows and chalk. What a fun way to combine the two! I've featured this post on my Tuesday Tots post this week. Thanks for linking up. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured at button if you like!


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