8 Easy Ways to Teach Numbers and Letters: Kid's Co-op

School will be starting before you know it, so we've been spending some time reviewing numbers and letters. The Kid's Co-op always has great ideas for making learning fun. Here are 8 simple ways to learn numbers and letters.

8 easy ways to teach numbers and letters

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Magnetic Alphabet Games: Teaching Letter Recognition

Here's a simple way to practice alphabet letters and sounds using refrigerator magnets and cookie sheets.
Magnetic alphabet games kids can play to practice letter recognition

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The Kid's Co-op: July 17

Welcome back to another week of the Kid's Co-op! Thanks to everybody who linked up great ideas for kids last week! Can't wait to see what you've got this week!

Reading Confetti
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15 Camping Activities for Kids: Kid's Co-op

Whether you're going on an actual camping trip with bugs and outdoor toilets, or having a pretend camp out in your backyard, the Kid's Co-op has you covered with 15 camping activities for kids:

15 camping activities for kids
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15 DIY Toys for Summer: Kid's Co-op

Keep summer boredom at bay with these 15 summer toys from The Kid's Co-op. The best part is that you can make them yourself, or better yet, have the kids do it!

15 DIY toys to keep your kids busy all summer long!

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Gift Idea for Teens: Decoden Mini Message Board

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

It can be hard to find gifts for teens that are inexpensive. I recently made my fourteen year old stepdaughter a mini message board using Mod Podge Collage Clay and an old picture frame. It was the first time I've tried Decoden, a 3D collage technique that incorporates as many trinkets as possible. I liked it so much I ended up making two!

Gift Idea for Teens: Decoden Mini Message Boards

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12 Frozen Treats: Kid's Co-op

I'm so sorry for missing the Kid's Co-op last week! We were busy getting ready for my son's birthday party and it completely slipped my mind. To make it up to you, here are twelve great recipes to make frozen treats for the kids (or you!) this summer:

12 frozen treats for kids
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