How Family Game Night Can Improve Inference Skills

We are big fans of family game night. The kids love it, the adults love it, and it's a great chance for us to spend time together. Besides bonding, some other benefits of family game night include improved problem-solving abilities and better motor skills. But did you know that it can also improve inference skills? Being able to make inferences is essential for successful comprehension of texts. Keep reading to find out how playing a game like Hedbanz™ Electronic helps strengthen this important skill.

Our family was recently given Hedbanz™ Electronic, an electronic version of the game What Am I?, perfect for family game nights and ideal for kids ages 7 and up. We've always liked the classic version of this game, so we were excited to try the new fast-paced electronic edition.

To play, we divided into two teams. A person on each team put on a headband and took turns choosing a card (without looking at it) to put in his or her headband. Through the various modes of play, the person's job was to figure out what the card said with the help of his or her team.

We had a great time playing, but I realized we were also working on essential reading skills through the three modes of play determined by the game unit's "electronic host": Ask It, Do It, and Describe It.
  • Ask It: In the Ask It mode of the game, players must think of yes or no questions to figure out what the object on their card is. Question cards can be used if the player needs help.
  • Do It: This mode requires players to act out their clues silently for their partners.
  • Describe It: Players must give clues in the form of descriptive words and phrases without saying the actual name of the object on the card. 

The electronic host also directs the game, tracks time, and keeps score. Through all three modes of play, players must rely heavily on their inference skills, an essential component of successful comprehension. Questioning and summarizing are also important reading skills practiced during the game. I love this fun way to strengthen these skills. Hedbanz™ Electronic has been a fun addition to our family game night and would make a great gift for almost any family.

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