50 Summer Activities Boys Will Love: Kid's Co-op

Your girls might like them too!
Keep your little guys (or gals) busy this summer with these fun activities from The Kid's Co-op:

Dissolving rocks at Reading Confetti
Make stalagmites and stalactites at Stories and Children
Mud activities at Housing a Forest
Make your own colored sand at Sugar Aunts
Sensory volcano at The Measured Mom
Erupting oobleck at Life with Moore Babies

Clothespin Catapults at Housing a Forest
Circuit building at B-Inspired Mama
Shooting water experiment at Housing a Forest
Burping bags exploding experiment at Preschool Powol Packets
Tinkering at Making Boys Men
Water fountain from a 2 liter bottle at Life with Moore Babies

Catch a spider web at Preschool Powol Packets
Spider catch and release at Wildlife Fun 4 Kids
Earthworm adventures at Mama Rosemary
DIY compost bin at Crayon Freckles
Raising tadpoles at Taming the Goblin
Up close with insects at Gift of Curiosity
Bug sensory bin at Little Bins for Little Hands

Wingwalker at Reading Confetti
Splat painting at School Time Snippets
Angry Bird t-shirt printing at Making Boys Men
Recycled robot craft at Local Fun for Kids
Quick and easy gak at The Magnolia Barn
Cardboard building boards at Tutus and Tea Parties
Small world building site at The Boy and Me

Tin foil river and mini ice boats at Reading Confetti
Spouting blue whale at Happy Birthday Author
Water balloon games at Fantastic Fun & Learning
Water blob at We Made That

Playground scavenger hunt at KC Edventures
Outdoor learning graph at B-Inspired Mama
Nature activities at KC Edventures
Active train pretend play at Play Trains!

Garbage truck game pack at Living Worlds Apart
Build your own robot at Picklebums
Preschool construction packet at Preschool Powol Packets
Star Wars pack at 3 Dinosaurs
Balloon games at Lessons Learnt Journal
Party blower frog game at JDaniel4's Mom

DIY dinosaur fossils at Lessons Learnt Journal
Fizzing dinosaur eggs at Preschool Powol Packets
Digging for fossils at Kathy's Cluttered Mind
Dinosaur dig at KC Edventures
Dinosaur small world at Making Boys Men
Dinosaur play worlds at Fantastic Fun & Learning
Dinosaur week at Sorting Sprinkles
Dinosaur matching packet at Preschool Powol Packets
Sensory bin at Fantastic Fun & Learning
Sensory dinosaur play at Very Messy Mummy

Thanks so much to everybody who linked up great ideas for kids last week.  Can't wait to see what you've got this week!
The Weekly Kids Co-Op

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  1. I LOVE this list. With a boy at home I really need all the help I can have to keep him occupied and having fun!

    I am going to add a lot of activities to my to-do list for the rainy days we are having now!

  2. Thanks for adding our colored sand activity!

  3. Thanks for including our Water fountain and Erupting Oobleck!

  4. This is a great list. I am definitely going to be checking out these links.

  5. There is not a single thing on this list that is specific to boys. Girls like art, building, exploring, and learning just as much as boys do. There is no reason this couldn't have been titled "50 Summer Activities Kids Will Love".

    1. That's why the first sentence mentions that girls will like them too.


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