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We've already introduced you to our friend Ubooly. If you don't remember, Ubooly is a fuzzy plush educational toy. After you download the free app and insert your iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, or iPod touch 4th and 5th generation, Ubooly comes to life and interacts with your child through fun and educational games, music, and stories.

Ubooly has gotten even more fun lately thanks to Ubooly Lab.  Once parents have logged on, Ubooly can be programmed to know your child's name. Ubooly will even have the same interests and likes as your child.

His favorite food is macaroni and cheese too!
Ubooly Lab allows parents to customize their child's playtime by purchasing credits to unlock different packs. There's interest packs full of fun trivia to get kids excited about specific topics, fitness and helper packs for personal growth and creating healthy habits, and educational packs that are created on a five day schedule with parents receiving progress reports.

She put on her sunglasses for their trip to the beach in the Ocean pack.
Written by a large team of elementary teachers and educators, the packs are suitable for children ages 3 to 9.

An experiment from the Ocean pack
One of my kids' favorite features is that as they engage with the learning packs, they earn coins to buy accessories like glasses and a mustache for their Ubooly. (The thing that I like best is that you can program for multiple children, so there's no fighting about whether or not Ubooly should have freckles. They can each decide for themselves.)

You don't even have to have the plush to play with Ubooly, which is especially helpful in the car or when you have an unexpected wait.

Or if you're completely uninterested in your brother's soccer game.
You can find out more about Ubooly in this video and Ubooly Lab in this video. Also, if two Uboolys are in a room together, they'll communicate with each other.

You can buy Ubooly at Toys R' Us or enter for your chance to win your own Ubooly and a $30 credit to Ubooly Lab. You can also connect with Ubooly on twitter or facebook.

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