Rubber Band Painting

A few weeks ago my son got into the car after preschool with flecks of dried paint all over his sweet face. I immediately demanded to know what kind of fun he'd been having without his little sister and me. So he taught us how to rubber band paint.

Place a piece of paper on a baking sheet and wrap rubber bands around the whole thing.

Paint the rubber bands. He kept reminding us "Not too much paint!"

Pull back the rubber bands and let them go.

Rotate the paper and repeat. At first my son was just going to show us how and not participate himself, but he soon found my rubber band painting skills lacking and took over my project. I must admit that I gave it over pretty reluctantly. It's fun. (This can get pretty messy and would make a great outside project.)

This would be a fun activity to pair with the book, Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum about a variety of animals who get stuck one by one in bubble gum melting on the road. Kids could pretend the rubber bands are the gum on the road as the animals try to pull their way out of it.

These paintings also remind me of Stephen Gammell's illustrations. We've done projects inspired by Gammel's artwork in the past including fly swatter painting

After we did this activity, I also found snap painting at Teach Preschool.  Her students chose lots of different ways to apply the paint to the rubber bands.
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  1. Brilliant messy fun!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. This looks so fun! I am intrigued because in the picture it appears that you are doing this inside- does the paint not splatter everywhere? I'll definitely have to try this!

    1. We did do it inside and it does splatter. But my son kept reminding us not to use too much paint, so it wasn't too bad. If the weather permits, we'll definitely take this outside!

  3. We did this last year inside our classroom! We got paint EVERYWHERE!! LOL! The kids loved it!!

  4. Oh, I wanted to do this last year and forgot about it! I'm pinning this to do outside when the weather warms up a bit. Thanks!

  5. What a fun way to paint! I bet they loved swatting the paint! I will be sharing this post on Pinterest and Facebook.

  6. This is a fun activity for a kiddos. Will be trying this out for sure. Thanks for sharing

  7. Wonderful stuff! Can't wait to share with my grand kidlits! Thanks for sharing! :)


    (what they call me)

  8. This is so fun!!! I need to get some big rubber bands!!!

  9. Really good to see this rubber band painting and definitely it's a nice work. Although I haven't seen like this but seems to me that this idea will be very effective for learning some sort of painting as well. So I will look forward to do this with my little kids that's for sure. Thanks
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  10. Hi! I would like to email you with a question about permission to use your photos from this activity. My email is I hope you will contact me soon. It's for a fun idea! Thank you so much. ~ MaryAnn


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