7 Activities for The Foot Book

It's Dr. Suess' birthday! I'm singing to him right now and it sounds every bit as good as you'd imagine. Today I'm sharing activities from the Virtual Book Club for my daughter's very favorite Suess book, The Foot Book. This is the first book she "read" by herself. She'd turn the pages and say, "Eft foot. eft foot. eft foot. wight."

Fizzy footprints from Toddler Approved

Movement activity from Reading Confetti

Opposite Matching from Play 2 Learn with Sarah

Family foot book from Mom Endeavors

Foot prints in the snow from Rainy Day Mum

Foot painting from Stir the Wonder

Shower activity from Train Up a Child

If you love Suess, be sure to check out all the ideas for The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham:

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