We're Going on a Bear Hunt: Sound Activity

A great way to make any read aloud book more fun is to let kids make the sound effects.  Search for things around the house that make interesting noises, set them out, and let kids explore the the sounds they make, deciding which sounds best fit a favorite book. Or read a new book and go on a search together.

Sound activity for We're Going on a Bear Hunt

A perfect book for making sound effects is We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen about a family that goes looking for a bear.  They travel through a field of grass, a river, mud, a snowstorm, a forest, and finally end up in a cave where they actually find a bear!  Then they run out of the cave and do everything in reverse order.

Sound activity for We're Going on a Bear Hunt

I set out some objects: jello in a sealed container, an empty bottle, a pot and spoon, a water bottle with a small amount of water, and a broom.

Sound activity for We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Here's what we did (though of course kids can come up with their own):
  • For the grass "swishy swashy": they ran the broom along the floor.
  • For the river "splash splosh": they shook their water bottles.
  • For the mud "squelch squerch": they shook the container of jello.
  • For the forest "stumble trip": they banged the pot with their spoons.
  • For the snowstorm "hoooo woooo!": they blew into the top of an empty bottle.
  • For the cave "tiptoe tiptoe": they banged the pot softly with their spoons.

The sound effects team in action:

Sound activity for We're Going on a Bear Hunt

This is a nice book to use with this activity because kids get to do the sound effects twice - on the trip to find the bear and then again while the family is running home.

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Have you done sound effects with a book? Do you have suggestions for others that would work well?

Sound activity for We're Going on a Bear Hunt

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  1. I LOVE this - it's always a fun story to read but the sounds would put it ver the top!!! Must try this!!!

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  2. I love it! That's little story is so fun and your sound effects go perfect with it!

  3. Great idea and what a terrific way to get their senses going! Thank you for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.

  4. Really Cute! Our little monster will love this- Thanks


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