A Crazy Day at the Critter Cafe: Word Burgers

A Crazy Day at the Critter Caféis a cute rhyming story about some animals who come into a restaurant and go wild.

After we read the book, we made a "word burger".  Since we are working on learning the letters in Drew's name, that was our word:

He can take it apart and put it back together to memorize the order of letters in his name.

The same idea can be used for older kids by making a word sort. Make several burgers and write words from the story on each piece.  Mix up the pieces and kids can put the burgers together according to the last sound in the word on the top bun.  This is an example:

Here it is sorted:

You could also sort for vowel patterns.  This example is sorted according to ee & ea (long e patterns) and short e.  After sorting, have them read each word aloud:

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