Dinosaur Visors

These dinosaur visors are made from inexpensive foam and are a fun craft for a sunny summer afternoon.

Craft for kids: dinosaur visor hat

My kids made these visors during a class at Michaels* (Camp Creativity, which they highly recommend!), but they would be easy to recreate at home. You need a foam visor, white craft foam cut into triangle shapes, two styrofoam balls, two large google eyes, and some glue.

Craft for kids: dinosaur visor hat

Kids can use white craft glue to attach the teeth but it's easier for an adult to help by using a glue gun to attach the eyes.

Craft for kids: dinosaur visor hat

The triangle between the eyes is attached by cutting a slit in the triangle and in the visor.

Craft for kids: dinosaur visor hat

Wait for everything to dry and you've got a fun dinosaur visor to wear while you read one of these dinosaur books...

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*This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with Michaels. We just like their store.

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