Reindeer Ornament

Here's a quick and simple way for kids to make cute reindeer ornaments this Christmas. They make cute gifts or keepsakes.

Easy to make reindeer ornaments

We got the idea for this from Michael's craft store and we had all the supplies at home so it was a perfect way to spend a little time crafting. Even my son was interested. To make our easy reindeer ornaments we used:
  • Clear fillable plastic ornament
  • Brown filler (pom poms, paper shreds, etc.)
  • Large google eyes
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Red or brown pom pom
  • Glue gun
Michael's store used pom poms to fill the ornaments, but we recycled some brown gift wrap shreds.

Easy to make reindeer ornaments

We used self adhesive google eyes and I hot glued the noses into place. To make the antlers, we wound one pipe cleaner around the top and took another pipe cleaner and cut it into fourths. We wrapped the pieces around the first pipe cleaner.

Easy to make reindeer ornaments

We used a permanent marker to write names and dates on the back.

And they're ready to hang:

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