Family Appreciation Handprint Activity

This family appreciation handprint activity is great to do any time of the year, but it seems especially appropriate around the holidays when we're focusing on being grateful for the people and things in our lives. I think it would be perfect for families to do when they gather together for Thanksgiving.

Family appreciation handprint activity

My son brought a version of this idea home from preschool and it couldn't be simpler. All we needed was a piece of paper and something to write with. Each person took a turn. First they had their hands traced onto the paper.

Family appreciation handprint activity

Then I wrote "We're thankful for (Name)" at the top of their paper. The other people in our family worked together to list ten things we love about that person. I wrote everything down on the paper.

Family appreciation handprint activity

I was surprised how much our family gained from this simple activity. Not only did it remind us to be grateful for the wonderful people who make up our family, but it was also good for the kids to see how very many things we appreciate about them.

Family appreciation handprint activity

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