35 DIY Toys for Kids: Kid's Co-op

Why buy toys for your kids when you can make them yourself? The Kid's Co-op has been full of tons of great DIY toys for kids.

35 toys you can make yourself including dress up, pretend play, classic and learning toys, and art supplies

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Ice Volcanoes

If you're looking for a mess-free activity for kids that's quick to set up, ice volcanoes are probably not for you. BUT if you're looking for some fun, messy science that your kids will LOVE, this activity is a good one. All you need for this play recipe is baking soda, water, vinegar, and food coloring. The supplies you need for making ice volcanoes are small bowls, balls that will sink, plastic wrap, and some room in the freezer.

Ice volcanoes are easy to make and a fun science and play activity for kids of any age.

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12 Ways to Paint Without a Paintbrush: Kid's Co-op

Sometimes it's fun for kids to put aside their regular art supplies and explore alternative ways of applying paint without using a paintbrush. The Kid's Co-op has been full of creative alternatives to using a paintbrush like rubber bands, homemade bingo stampers, and even coconuts!

12 ways kids can paint without using a paintbrush

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TP Roll Super Hero Cuffs

This is a sponsored post.
We recently had a chance to preview the movie Disney Super Buddies from the creators of Disney Buddies. Our entire family loved it for its humor, but I especially liked the message: you don't have to have super powers to be a super hero and a super hero does good because it's the right thing to do, not for the glory. Super heroes also conceal their identity to protect the ones they love, but I think it never hurts to be properly accessorized ...

Make super hero cuffs from an empty paper roll

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Paint Chip Number Recognition: Virtual Book Club for Kids

The featured author for this month's edition of the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Donald Crews. For this month's book club activity we chose Ten Black Dots and worked on number recognition using paint chips and a paper punch. Link up your own Donald Crews book projects and find more ideas below.

Work on number recognition, counting, and hand strength with this simple activity for kids using paint chips and a paper punch

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100+ Back to School Ideas: Kid's Co-op

I hate to see summer go, but heading back to school is exciting too. Last week's Kid's Co-op was full of great ideas for making a smooth transition back to school with everything from shopping and wardrobe tips to favorite traditions and organization solutions.

Over 100 ideas to make going back to school easier and more fun

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A Year of Preschool Books & Activities

As a teacher and a mom, the real new year starts for me in September when the kids head back to school. In honor of the new school year, I've gathered some of my favorite preschool book and activity ideas for each month of the year. Each month focuses on a specific theme, so you can mix and match the books and extension activities.

Themed preschool books and activities for each month of the year

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15 Back to School Traditions: Back to School Link Up

I'm excited to be participating in the Back to School with Kid Blogger Network link party. I'm sharing 15 easy back to school traditions you can start this year with your kids. If you have any back to school posts (old or new), we'd love for you to link them up below. Be sure to check out the other posts too!

15 easy back to school traditions you can start with your kids THIS year!

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10 Outdoor Math Activities: Kid's Co-op

Need to do some math review before the kids are back in school? Why not take advantage of the last days of summer and review number and math skills at the same time by trying one of these outdoor math activities from The Kid's Co-op?

10 outdoor number and math activities

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Easy Back to School Teacher Gift Idea

Nail polish and foot lotion wrapped in a pretty package make a great back to school gift for teachers who will once again be spending eight hours on their feet teaching our kids. I came up with three different printable tags to include with your gift so you're sure to get the year started on the right "foot".

Nail polish and foot lotion make a great back to school gift for teachers when paired with a cute printable tag.

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Craft Stick School Bus Frame and Back to School Books

Ready or not, the school year is beginning for many kids very soon. Celebrate with a personalized school bus picture frame that kids can make from craft sticks, glue, and yellow paint.

This craft stick school bus frame is easy for kids to make and a fun way to celebrate back to school.

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