Paper Plate Duck Puppet: Virtual Book Club for Kids

The featured author for this month's edition of the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Jez Alborough. Link up your Jez Alborough book projects and find more ideas below.

Many of Jez Alborough's books feature the hapless and zany Duck as the main character. We chose two of the books in his Duck series to read this month. We also made a simple puppet from a paper plate to retell the stories.

Duck in the Truck is a fun, rhyming read aloud. Duck is driving home in his truck, when both he and the truck get stuck in the muck. Along comes Frog, Sheep, and Goat. Are the three friends strong enough to get the truck unstuck, or is Duck just plain out of luck?

Super Duck is another of our favorites featuring Duck and his long-suffering friends Frog, Sheep and Goat. A runaway kite is all it takes to send them on their latest unforgettable adventure. The resulting chaos makes Super Duck ideal for reading and laughing out loud.

To make a simple puppet for retelling the stories, we started with a small paper plate. Ours was red, but you could also just paint a white one. We folded the plate in half and painted the bottom of the plate orange.

I made a duck head from yellow poster board with enough room at the bottom to attach it to the plate.

Finally, I folded the bottom of the head and used tape to attach it to the plate.

Now we have a simple paper plate duck puppet to use with these Jez Alborough books or to make up our own stories.

Have you done any activities or crafts for Jez Alborough books? Please link them up or share it on the Virtual Book Club for Kids facebook page!

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  1. Duck in a Truck is SUCH a great book. I love the paper plate puppet to go with it! I'd love it if you'd share this at the After School Linky Party up on my blog right now (and every Monday): I hope to see you there!


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