10 Nonfiction Books and Activities: Virtual Book Club for Kids

This month's virtual book club author is Gail Gibbons. She's written lots of great nonfiction books for kids. Since we had a hard time deciding on just one, here are ten crafts and activities you can pair with one of her books.  Be sure to link up your own Gail Gibbons activity below.

Read Soaring with the Wind: The Bald Eagle and make a handprint and footprint bald eagle

Read My Soccer Book and make a soccer treat using a paper plate, frosting, and chocolate cookies.

Read Ice Cream: The Full Scoop and make some ice cream play dough. 

Read Tornadoes!and make a tornado in a jar 

Read The Moon Book and make a moon nightlight.

Read Sharks and make ice cream sandwich sharks.

Read Boat Book and make natural ice boats.

Read Penguins!and make circle penguins.

Read The Planets and make a universe craft.

Read Weather Words and What They Mean and do one of these 15 weather activities.

What Gail Gibbons books did you explore this month? Please link up your ideas or share them on the Virtual Book Club for Kids facebook page.

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  1. Wowzers! So many great learning activities tied with great books. I really want to try your tornado in a jar and the ice cream playdough looks cool too. Thanks for sharing this month!

  2. What an awesome list of books and corresponding activities! My students loved the weather-in-a-jar activities we did in class last year, but I should definitely pair those with a Gail Gibbons text in the future. Love this list!


  3. Love this post, Lorie and shared it!

  4. We have been enjoying the Gail Gibbons books we've been reading over the past week too. I love the books you selected and the corresponding activities. That soccer one looks so cool. Pinned!

  5. I don't think I have ready any of Gail Gibbons' books. Our trip to the library this week will definitely include a search for her books. They look so interesting and I love all the activities you have matched to them. Thank you for linking up to Keeping it Real :)


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