30 Kid Made Father's Day Gifts: Kid's Co-op

There's still two and half weeks until Father's Day. Plenty of time for kids to make something special for Dad and the Kid's Co-op has thirty great ideas for you.

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Kid Made Father's Day Frame

My arm hurts from patting myself on the back. I've already made a Father's Day gift with my kids!

"My dad can fix anything. Love you!"

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Frozen Popsicle Chalk

The other day I was pulling out the ice cube trays to make another batch of our ice chalk when I saw the popsicle molds and decided to try those instead.

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Paper Plate Mouse: Virtual Book Club for Kids

In preparation for this month's Virtual Book Club for Kids we checked out all the Leo Lionni books we could find from the library.  The ones that were available that day seemed to have a common theme - almost every book we checked out had a mouse as the main character.

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Ice Chalk

Ice Chalk is the perfect kid activity for a hot summer day. Frozen chalk makes a great art, science, and sensory experience all in one.
Ice chalk

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12 Activities for Chalk: Kid's Co-op

Nothing says summer like seeing colorful chalk decorations on the sidewalk. If you're looking for new ways for your kids to play with chalk, the Kid's Co-op has you covered.

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Chalk Shadows

My kids have been interested in shadows lately and by that I mean that I've been hearing a lot of, "Mo-om, she's stepping on my shadow! Will you tell her to stop???"

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15 Outdoor Art Activities: Kid's Co-op

15 fun and messy outdoor art projects for kids

You can take almost any art activity outside, but these ten art ideas from the Kid's Co-op were made for the great outdoors. Some use natural materials and others make such a glorious mess that the only place for them is outside the house. Either way, you can grab some supplies and head outside with your kids to create some art and memories.
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Kid Made Turtle Herb Planters

Wouldn't these make a cute Mother's Day gift or a fun project for Earth Day?
We had some basil seeds lying around and it was too cold to plant them outside, so we planted them in empty fruit cup containers. (I suppose I should've poked holes in the bottom for drainage, but I didn't.)

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Tin Foil River and Mini Ice Boats

My kids love playing with water when the weather gets warm. It can keep them busy like almost nothing else. When I saw these tin foil rivers at Camo & Bows, I knew we had a winner.

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