Weaving a Bird's Nest: Preschool Craft

On a recent trip to the library we discovered the book Hatch! and since my kids love birds we checked out the book and brought it home. We really enjoyed this nonfiction book. Alternating pages show the reader some eggs and asks the question,"Can you guess whose eggs these are?" while giving hints about the bird that laid the eggs. The following page reveals the bird and gives facts about it. We also enjoyed looking for other animals in each of the habitats.

The best part for me was that my 3 year old guessed each egg was from a "hoppentude" (whatever in the world that is) and my 4 year old offered comments like, "Bald eagles eat squished reindeer off the road." I guess watching the bird show at the zoo so many times has really paid off in bird knowledge.

Since the book also gives information about how different birds build their nests, we made bird nests of our own. I used a golf tee (whatever's handy) to punch holes into paper bowls.

I found some green yarn and covered one end with clear tape so it wouldn't fray. I taped the other end to the underside of the paper bowl and my four year old weaved the yarn through the holes any which way. My three year old, who has more 'tude than even the elusive hoppentude, declined to participate.

We also put some small sticks in the nest.

And topped it with some plastic Easter eggs.

But birds aren't the only creatures who hatch from eggs! Check out the project my son designed:

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  1. What a great way to teach weaving. Love this one!

  2. Very good. Visiting from TGIF linky party. New Pinterest follower.

  3. Those are cute and creative. It would be great if you linked up with Hobbies and Handicrafts.

  4. Wow, the 'hoppentude" sounds really interesting! The nest turned out beautifully. I love the mix of weaving and twigs. Thank you for sharing Hatch on Keeping it Real!

  5. Your son's comment about bald eagles made me smile. :) I'm going to pin this post for when we do a unit about birds. Thanks for sharing at Stress-Free Sunday with Fun-A-Day!

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