25 Valentine's Activities and Crafts: Kid's Co-op

You all are amazing!  We're barely halfway through January, and already there were lots of great Valentine's Day ideas linked up to the Kid's Co-op last week.  (Now I have no excuse not to make some cute stuff with my little Valentines.)

I also wanted to mention that if you and your children are making some hearts this Valentine's Day,  there's an opportunity to use them to show love and support for families who need it.  There's more information at Naturally Educational.

I've pinned these to the Kid's Co-op Pinterest Board (and you can find a featured button on my buttons page if you'd like one.)

Thanks so much to everybody who linked up last week!  Can't wait to see what you've got this week!
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  1. Thanks for featuring my mailboxes! Awesome! :)

  2. I love Valentine's Day. I'd start celebrating Jan. 1 if it wasn't too obnoxious!

  3. Thanks for sharing our Valentine's post! I love the round-up.


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