Gift Box Collages Made by Preschoolers

Gift Box Collages from Reading Confetti

My kids each made a fun gift box for my husband. We don't have anything to put in them yet, but they're very proud of their creations (which they've "hidden" in plain sight on the dining room table) and would be happy to give them as is, I think.

We started by drawing a triangle onto a white gift box (Okay, fine, I didn't have a white gift box.  This is a printed gift box turned upside down. Whatever works.)  We practiced on paper before drawing the triangle so it was good for my 4 year old.  My 3 year old needed more help with hers, but that was also good.Preschool Made Gift Boxes from Reading Confetti
I set out a bunch of craft odds and ends: pom poms, curling ribbon, glitter glue, markers, star stickers, etc. You can see their favorite was the pom poms.   The only instructions I gave were to glue everything inside the triangle, which they almost followed.
Preschool Made Gift Boxes from Reading Confetti
 Here's their finished boxes:

Our book:
A Christmas Tree for Pyn was a perfect tie-in for this project because it's about both a Christmas tree and giving gifts.  Pyn's father is so gruff that he won't even allow her to call him "Papa".  But when Christmas time rolls around, Pyn is determined to have a Christmas tree.  When Pyn finally succeeds in getting her tree, her father's heart softens and he gives her a special gift that belonged to her mother.  He also gives her a much more important gift...

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  1. INCREDIBLE THINKING!! You did really making sense. My little baby girl like different things to do and I think this will be enjoyable for me also when I'll see she is making this.

  2. I loved A Christmas Tree for Pyn. We checked it out of the library. The trees they created are really wonderful.

    I am going to share this post on Read.Explore.Learn today!

  3. I love these gift boxes. Featuring this as part of my roundup of the Weekly Kids' Co-op. xoxo P


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