Free EBooks for Kids: Guest Post from No Twiddle Twaddle

I'm excited to have Bethany from No Twiddle Twaddle here today sharing her list of free ebooks.  I love her lists and have gotten some great books on my Kindle because of her.  Be sure to check out her blog and subscribe so you don't miss any!

Hi! I'm Bethany from the kid lit and play blog No Twiddle Twaddle. One of my most popular features is my almost daily list of the best free kids' eBooks available on Amazon. I try to read at least parts of each book on my list, so that I can exclude books with poor grammar and formatting problems. I'm so excited that some of my favorite bloggers are letting me share my list on their blogs today! Download the books today since they may only be free for a couple of hours and remember to check all prices before downloading.  International customers may be charged a surcharge. If you don't own a Kindle, you can still download these books and read them using the free Kindle app.



Free EBooks for Toddlers and Young Preschoolers:

I Love . . . by Cindy Bracken Little kids will love this sentimental picture book with its cute photos of babies and moms. Author Cindy Bracken is a former Kindergarten teacher and school librarian. This experience flows into her books which are free from grammatical errors and always have large, bright illustrations.
  Seven Days in a Week by Dianne Miller Miller, who is both a successful artist and mother, has published a number of delightful books that she wrote for her own daughters while they were young. Her book Seven Days a Week is a simple explanation of the days of the week illustrated with her popular Little Bunny. Most of her other books are short stories that help explain small life lessons to young children. I especially love that you can go to Miller's website and download free printables to go with her books. In fact, I think I will be printing out her Seven Days a Week Coloring Sheet Mural myself!



Free EBooks for Young Elementary Age Children

Pequena the Burro by Jami Parkison Pequena learns to take pride in her heritage and use her natural strengths to help others when she is chosen as a special burro for a birthday party. This book is part of a series of twenty-five picture books that teach character traits through multicultural stories. The watercolor illustrations in this series are always nice, and these books feature a special tap-to-zoom text that allows you to double tap the text to enlarge it. Today, you can also download from this same series:
Kylie's Concert
  Tessa on Her Own


Free EBooks for Tweens

Pibbin the Small by Gloria Repp I used to read Gloria Repp's chapter books when I was a kid, and I remember reading them over and over again. I'm delighted that Repp is now releasing books in the Kindle store and even occasionally promoting one for free. Her books also have black and white illustrations by artist Tim Davis.
  True Betrayer by Robert Elmer Successful author Robert Elmer has written several adventure series for children which are available in the Kindle Store and routinely promoted for free. With a bit of patience, you should be able to collect almost all of his books since a new one appears almost every week. This particular series originally was published by Bethany House and is currently out of print.  

Free Books for Teenagers
  Asking for Trouble by Sandra Byrd In this first installment of the London Confidential series published by Tyndale Publishing House, American Savvy Smith learns to live out her Christian faith and personal goals while attending a new British school.

You can find more free eBooks for kids today via a Listamania list on my Amazon profile:

Free Kindle Picture Books and Novels Today's Kindle Deal for Kids I also feature the Kindle Deal many days. The Kindle Deal is a highly discounted book that while not free is usually still a great price on a high quality book.

  Tales from the Odyssey (Part One) by Mary Pope Osborne Today priced at $1.99 I'm very excited about today's deal since Tales from the Odyssey was the first chapter book series that my preschooler really listened to and enjoyed. Even my husband and I enjoyed Osborne's storytelling skills in this wonderful series. Note: This book is Greek mythology and does have some graphic depictions of violence. If you enjoyed this list, I hope that you will consider checking out my free kids' eBook lists on No Twiddle Twaddle. I have several subscription options, and I try to publish a list almost every day to be sure that my readers don't miss out on any books! 

Thanks, Bethany! 
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