The Perfect Christmas Gift: Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

My five-year-old and six-year-old have been begging for their own tablets. There's nothing they like better than playing games on their dad's tablet. My son would play 20 hours a day if we let him (we don't), but unfortunately he's not drawn to educational games. I was so excited when we got the chance to review the Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition tablet, particularly because though it's a full-fledged tablet, parents can set limits on screen time and set educational goals for their children!

My husband and I decided to try the tablet out first while the kids were in bed. We knew if they were around when we opened it, we wouldn't get our turn. When we turned on the tablet, my husband and I were both very impressed with how easy it was to set up. We are not particularly tech savvy but we figured this out right away.

Here's what my husband and I love about it:

The guarantee - The first thing I noticed when we took it out of the package was how sturdy the case looks. The Kids Edition tablet comes with a durable, lightweight kid proof case in green, pink, or blue. And Amazon offers a two year worry-free guarantee! If anything happens, send the device back and they'll replace it for free - no questions asked.

The controls -  My very favorite feature is that I can set up an account for each of my kids and place a password lock on my account. This way they can't get on the internet without my permission. I can also set individual educational goals for each child including personalized goals for books, videos, and apps. There's a "Learn First" option that blocks entertainment content until all daily educational goals are met. I can also set total screen time and time by activity. And if that weren't enough, I get to choose which titles my kids can access from their own personal content collection. No more being the tablet police!!!

No extras to buy - The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition tablet comes with one year of FreeTime Unlimited so kids get access to 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games - at no additional cost.

Here's what my kids love about it:

The content - There are so many great choices available through FreeTime Unlimited. With videos like Wild Kratts (my son's favorite), Dora the Explorer, and iCarly, books featuring Disney princesses,  How to Train Your Dragon, and Big Nate, and apps like Ice Age, Super Why, and Puffle Launch, they've only just begun to explore FreeTime's 5,000 titles.

The way it looks and sounds - Though the kids don't know it, the Kids Edition features a quad-core processor, a vivid HD display, front- and rear-facing cameras, and Dolby Digital audio. They just like the look and sound of it.

It's a real tablet - Though geared for kids, this isn't a toy. It's a full-fledged tablet and is sure to grow with them.

If you're considering getting a tablet for your kids this Christmas, I highly recommend this one. I've been very happy with my own Amazon Kindle and am so impressed with the features they've included in the Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition tablet. It really does make a great gift. The 6" tablet is available for $149 and the 7" tablet is $189. The case is included and is available in pink, blue, or green.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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