Painted Tissue Paper Vase Kid Craft

In the spring and summer my sweet daughter brings me tons of flowers from the yard. Every vase in our house gets filled with dandelions and whatever else she can find. This year she decided she wanted to make her own vases. And she wanted the vases to have flowers painted on them. I remembered making decoupaged tissue paper vases when I was a kid. I used colored tissue paper but I figured if we used white, she could paint whatever she wanted on them.

Painted tissue paper vase kids can make

We used:
School glue thinned with water
White tissue paper torn into small pieces
Empty glass jars (we used baby food jars)
Paint (we used acrylic)
Paint brushes

We also added a little glitter to our water and glue mixture.

Painted tissue paper vases kids can make

We applied a thin layer of glue to the jar and added the tissue paper. We applied another coat of glue on top of the tissue paper.

Painted tissue paper vases kids can make

They looked cute this way too, but it wasn't what my daughter had in mind.

Tissue paper vases kids can make

Once it had dried, it was ready to paint. You could also use markers to decorate your vase.

Painted tissue paper vases kids can make

My daughter and I were very happy with how they turned out.

Painted tissue paper vases kids can make

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  1. Beautiful! ;-) I guess my son will love to do them too. Thanks for sharing!


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