Halloween Science: Ghost Balloon - Virtual Book Club for Kids

Ghost balloons are an easy way to incorporate some science learning into your Halloween preparations. You only need a few simple supplies to create the ghost balloons and they're easy enough for preschoolers to join in the fun.

For this month's Virtual Book Club for Kids featuring Nick Sharratt, we chose What's in the Witch's Kitchen? The book takes you through a witch's kitchen where you'll find either foods that are tame like strawberry tea or something more frightful like goblin pee, depending which way you open the flap.

In the spirit of Halloween surprises, we did a ghost balloon experiment using a white balloon, white crepe paper streamers, a straw, string, and a magic marker.

We tied a length of string from the top of the door to the other end of the room after threading it with a short piece of straw.

Ghost balloons: a fun Halloween science activity

We blew up our white balloon (without tying it), added a face with the marker, and taped on white streamers.

Ghost balloons: a fun Halloween science activity

 We taped the balloon to the straw on the string.

Ghost balloons: a fun Halloween science activity

When we let go the idea was that the ghost balloon would go zipping across the string to the door. Occasionally it actually did, but mostly it just did a crazy dance around the string. Other times it didn't make it all the way to the door. We experimented with moving the string and using less streamers. You can use the balloon over and over until there's a hole in it. Even though it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, it was a great opportunity for my preschoolers to work on problem solving.

Ghost balloons: a fun Halloween science activity

The science: The air rushing out of the balloon creates thrust that pushes the balloon in the opposite direction.

Have you done any activities for a Nick Sharrat book? Please link them up or share it on the Virtual Book Club for Kids facebook page.

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