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Disclosure- I received a copy of My Very Own Fairy Tale for review purposes. All opinions are my own. And we truly loved the book.

A great way to get kids excited about learning letters is to start with the letters in their own name. And a great way to get kids excited about reading is to choose books based on their interests. I See Me! books combine both.

I See Me! books are personalized so your child can see their name in a hardcover, professionally bound book. But more than that, they become a part of the story.  There are lots of personalized books to choose from, but my favorites are the My Very Own Storybooks*. Each page reveals a single letter of your child's first and last name and incorporates it into the story until their entire name is revealed.  Titles in this collection include My Very Own Name, My Very Own Pirate Tale, My Very Own Fairy Tale, and the new My Very Own World Adventure.

I chose My Very Own Fairy Tale for my three year old daughter and I'm so glad I did. Little ones are transported to a magical garden where the fairies are deciding on their new princess. On each page a garden or berry fairy brings out a letter one by one to spell out my daughter's name while describing character traits that make her the perfect princess. Her face lit up when she realized the fairies were talking about her. I love that unlike some of the typical princess stuff she wants to read, the qualities they described went beyond beauty. The Kokia fairy says, "I know a Knowledgeable girl who's like a rare flower. She has beauty within her that gives her great power."

We read this three times in a row when she first got it and she was still asking for more. It's been her bedtime book of choice almost every night since it arrived. She even studies the illustrations when I'm not reading it to her.

*I was drawn to the My Very Own Storybooks, but there's lots more personalized books to choose from like My Very Happy Birthday Book and The Very Important Preschooler (V.I.P.) Storybook. You can decide what best fits your child's interests and needs by visiting the site and taking a book tour of the entire book.

For even more fun learning name letters I See Me! offers personalized coloring and activity books too.

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