10 Extension Activities for Spoon: October VBC

 It's virtual book club day when we get to share our Amy Krouse Rosenthal book activities!

Though we read several of her books this month, we chose Spoon for our activity. Spoon thinks his friends have it so much better than he does.  He doesn't get to cut and spread like Knife.  He doesn't get to go practically everywhere like Fork, and he's not cool and exotic like Chopsticks.  Then he finds out that his friends think Spoon is the lucky one.  He gets to be silly and bang on a pot, unlike Knife who is always handled so seriously.  Fork wishes he could measure things like Spoon.  There's lots of lessons in this humorous book - be happy with what you have, accept yourself and your own unique gifts, the grass is always greener, etc.

This is such a fun book that it's easy to think of extension activities for it, so I came up with a list of 10.
1.  Make a spoon family using craft supplies and plastic cutlery.
2.  Learn to play the spoons.
3.  Practice using a knife.  Since my kids are younger, we used plastic knives.
4.  Sort clean silverware from the dishwasher into the correct place in the drawer.  (I realize only preschoolers will think this is fun so if you have older kids maybe they could polish the silver. Assuming you have silver.  And kids that think polishing stuff is fun. Maybe just skip this one if you have older kids.)
5.  Balance something on a spoon (plastic Easter eggs work great).  Run a race while balancing it.  Or jump up and down.  Or go through an obstacle course.
6.  Practice using chopsticks.
7.  Get out the play dough (the edible kind would be fun) and find some fun things in your kitchen utensil drawer.  Practice using them on the play dough.  See what kind of prints they make in the dough.
8.  Set a fancy table.
9.  Learn how to hang a spoon from your nose.
10.  Read Chopsticks by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

What book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal did you choose?  Please link it up or share it on the Virtual Book Club for Kids facebook page!
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  1. Ooooh! We read Spoon too. This is a perfect follow up! Thanks!

  2. Such fun activities! Yes, my toddler loves the dishwasher. He gets so mad when I close it!

    We've read a similar book about determining who is 'better' among silverware. It's called "The Knife and The Fork Go Dancing" by Traudi Allen. I actually reviewed it on my site a month or two ago: http://wp.me/p1WMWV-5k.

    Anyway, thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop! We'll definitely look up the author at the library :)

  3. Yay! Another new face at the Kid Lit Blog Hop! I'm so excited! Thanks for linking in. I'm visiting from Mother Daughter Book Reviews. This is a fantastic post and I'm pretty sure I've read that book to my children when they were younger. I'm now following via email and other ways too! Hope you are having a nice weekend. :D

  4. Hi! These are perfect tips and ideas! We read Spoon this week too and no great ideas came to me! These are awesome and so doable right away! Thanks!!


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