Easy Edible Gold Medals & Blog Hop

I love all the cookie gold medals in honor of the Olympics that I've seen around the internet, but sometimes I don't have enough patience time for baking with the kids.  These gold medals are no bake and almost as easy to make as the ones we used for our summer/winter Olympics activity.

All you need are vanilla wafers, frosting, and licorice whips. 

Lay one of your vanilla wafers face down and give it a good squirt of frosting.  Lay both ends of your licorice whip on top.
Put another vanilla wafer on top and it's ready to decorate.
I think more frosting ended up in mouths than on gold medals, but they turned out cute and we had fun.

And if one gold medal is good, more is better.  Some of the finished products:
Good reads:

Jackie at Ready. Set. Read! has a fun Olympic medal activity today too, so be sure to check it out!

Thanks to Hands On: As We Grow for passing the torch to me.  Tomorrow Trisha at Inspiration Laboratories is sharing an idea, so I'm passing on the torch:

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  1. These are awesome! We are definitely going to make them. I'm pinning.

  2. You did it again! Another adorable and delightful treat! Thanks for hosting and linking up!! Have a great weekend!

  3. I LOVE these! And my friend made them after seeing yours!! :)


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