Outdoor Letter/Sound Matching & Kid's Co-op Link Party

I LOVE this activity!  You can do it BEFORE your child knows their letters or letter sounds!

All you need are:

The kit is intended for making posters, but of course I had other ideas.  We chose to do this outdoors because it was such a nice day.  The Poster Punch Out kit includes 150 cardstock letters and numbers so I emptied them into a bucket.    

Drew and Lainey pointed out objects they wanted to label and I told them the beginning sound and gave them the letter to tape to the object!

We even did some numbers:

Simple, educational, and fun!

If your child already knows their letters and letter sounds, you could do a more traditional sound matching activity by giving each child a letter and having them find an object that starts with that letter.

*We received the Poster Punch Outs kit free from Craft Project Ideas as part of a Rainy Day Survival Kit. Opinions and ideas are 100% mine.
Reading Confetti

 What have you been up to this week?   I'd love for you to link up.  I'll be sharing your ideas throughout the week on my facebook page and the Kid's Co-op Pinterest Board.

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  1. What a great idea for making letter recognition fun! We will have to try this this Summer.

  2. Great idea to take letter/ number learning outside... They probably didn't think it was "learning!"

    Love Kid's Co-op! Thanks for a place to link up and share!!

  3. I really like this idea. One of my little ones needs to run off energy outside so this would be great idea.

  4. I really like this! I bet it made for a more colorful outside play area! Thanks for sharing:) Happy Teacher Appreciation Week:)

  5. So much fun and what a great ideas as you said for kids who don't know the sounds yet.

  6. I'm featuring your post this week on my Writing Kid's Co-op post. Great ideas! Robin @ Sweet Tea Classroom

  7. I am just dropping back by to thank you for sharing this post with Tuesday Tots this week :)


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