Cloud Paint

Drew has been curious about clouds lately so we checked out some cloud books from the libary.  One of the books we got was It Looked Like Spilt Milk.  The book has a repetive pattern describing how a cloud could look like different shapes.  "Sometimes it looked like a flower, but it wasn't a flower."  The kids liked guessing what each cloud was supposed to look like.

After the story we whipped up some "cloud paint" and made our own clouds.  (It's just shaving cream and glue mixed together.)

We started by painting our own clouds.

After that, we put a blob of cloud paint on the paper and folded it in half.

We had fun deciding what our clouds looked like.

I thought this one looked like a bat and Lainey thought it looked like a rooster.

Drew made a lot of clouds that he thought looked like monsters:

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  1. Once again I will be borrowing this idea for my preK class, cloud painting is part of our curriculum this week. The book is The Puddle Pail. I also love Eric Carle, The Little Cloud. Thanks for the idea!

  2. This is one of our favorite ways to paint! So much fun!

  3. This is great Lorie :) I bet they had so much fun with that.


  4. Just saw this via HeidiSongs' fb feed! Great idea! I will be using this book soon. What proportion do you use of shaving cream to glue? And how do these hold up later-- can they be displayed, taken home, etc or is it more of an "in the moment" activity?

    Glad to have discovered your blog!

  5. This looks like a lot of fun! And what a good idea to do with weather! I may repeat this tomorrow!

  6. Aaah so sweet so simple. And like real clouds you can look at them and imagine what different shapes they all represent!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  7. I really like this shaving cream art activity!

    Thanks for linking up to Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  8. These is lovely when done! What a pretty craft! Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  9. What a great idea! I LOVe all the things you can do with shaving foam. Thanks for linking to Science sparks. xx


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