Tacky the Penguin Craft

You can make this cute little penguin from a paper plate and construction paper.

Since using props is an easy way for children to learn to retell a story, I try to provide my kids with characters from their favorite books.  We like to read the Tacky the Penguin series, so this was the perfect craft for us.

To make your own tacky penguin:

Cut a paper plate in half and use tape to secure it into a cone shape. (You could also use cardstock.)

Fold some black paper and cut two wing shapes starting at the crease.  (Leave the two pieces connected.  This will make the wings stand out.)

Tape the underside of the wings to the cone.  Add a beak using the same method, and add eyes and feet.

That's it!  Here's my 3 year old demonstrating another use for it:

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  1. So cute! Thanks for linking up to Things I've Done Thursday!


  2. this penguin is beyond cute! LOVE it!!!

    would love to invite you to link this up to the Sunday Showcase - http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com/search/label/Sunday%20Showcase


  3. TOO CUTE! Would make a perfect theme for a bday party too! Party Penguins! FUN STUFF! POP ART MINIS

  4. So cute! i love it, this is unique parrty hat for kids. thanks.

  5. WOW!! It's realy cute!


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