Foam Craft Stick Santas

"Whoever heard of a skinny Santa? Eat. Eat!" - Mrs. Claus in Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Santas made from foam craft sticks are easy for kids to make and lots of fun for Christmas. The brass fasteners make them moveable and there's lots of ways to personalize them.

Moveable Santa from foam craft sticks

Craft Project Ideas recently sent us some goodies including some foam craft sticks. I had everything sitting on the table and while I was waiting for inspiration to strike, my son grabbed some of the foam craft sticks and made a person. It turned out really cute and inspired us to create a moveable Santa craft using the foam craft sticks.

Moveable Santa from foam craft sticks

You need:

3 foam craft sticks in red
2 brass fasteners
White and red craft foam
Embellishments like google eyes, pom poms, and sequins

1. Cut two red craft sticks in half. Attach them to a third red craft stick using a brass fastener at the top and bottom to make the arms and legs.

Moveable Santa from foam craft sticks

2. Cut a heart shape from white craft foam and glue to the top. Cut and attach a red triangle for the hat.

Moveable Santa from foam craft sticks

3. Attach some google eyes and decorate with pom poms. Add boots, buttons, mittens, whatever you can think of!

Moveable Santa from foam craft sticks

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