Favorite Warm Weather Books & Activities

When it's warm outside, we are definitely more active.  But I still try to incorporate books into our activities.  Connecting books to favorite activities is a great way to encourage making text to self connections at any age. You can also use the books to compare and contrast the way your child participates in the activities versus the way the characters do.  Or books about favorite activities can just motivate kids to read about things they're interested in doing themselves.

Here's a list of our favorite things to do when the weather warms up along with some books that go well with the activities.  This list of activities is certainly nothing new. In fact, it's older than I am. And that's old. (Now is the part where you tell me I'm not old and/or I look great for my age.)  Well, thank you.  That's so nice of you to say. 

1. Bubbles
Pop! A Book About Bubbles includes lots of pictures and factual information about bubbles.  It explains why bubbles are always round and talks about different kinds of bubbles.  There's even a homemade bubble recipe in the back using dish soap and corn syrup.  Lainey is our bubble girl and really likes this one even if she's not really ready for the science behind it.

2. Bikes
Duck on a Bike is a cute story written by David Shannon (No, David!) about a duck who takes his bike for a spin past all the other farm animals.  They each have their own opinion about a duck on a bike.  Dog thinks it's a neat trick, but Cat thinks she has better things to do.  When a bunch of kids leave their bikes unattended the animals seize the opportunity and they all ride bikes around the barnyard!

3. Chalk
Chalk is a wordless picture book with beautiful mixed media illustrations showing three friends in the park on a rainy day.  They find a bag of chalk and the first friend draws a sun.  The sun comes out!  The second friend draws some butterflies and the butterflies magically appear.  The third friend draws a dinosaur and it, too, comes to life!  Unfortunately. the dinosaur is big and scary and wants to chase them so they come up with a very clever solution. 

I usually shy away from wordless picture books (though I know I shouldn't) but this one has changed my mind. This is a fun book that Drew wanted to "read" over and over.

4. Fishing
McElligot's Pool by Dr. Suess is about a boy who is told that he won't catch any fish in McElligot's Pool.  Instead of being discouraged, he imagines all the rare and wonderful fish he might catch, because you just never know...

Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On by Lois Ehlert is a fun counting book about fish.  You can count the different kinds of fish and Drew loved the colorful illustrations and the fish eyes, which are punched out so you can see through to the next page.

5. Sand
A silly book that's a lot of fun is The Sand Castle Contest by Robert Munsch.  Matthew wants to win the bathtub full of ice cream in the sand castle contest!  He builds a sand house that's so realistic he fools the judges into thinking the house and everything in it is real!

6. Kites
Kite Flying by Grace Lin is a great book for preschoolers.  The whole family works together to make and then fly a beautiful dragon kite on a windy day.

7. Swings
Please Play Safe: Penguin's Guide to Playground Safety - playground rules are presented in a fun format with demonstrations by animal characters of what not to do.  "When friends go to the playground, they should run so fast they knock each other down.  WATCH OUT!  Is that right?" followed by the animals showing the correct playground etiquette.  "No, that's wrong.  When friends go to the playground, they should walk, not run, so no one gets hurt.  THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!"

8. Bug & Worm Finds
Yes, it was broad daylight, and yes, the flashlight was absolutely necessary.
Drew is fascinated with Wiggling Worms at Work.  It's a nonfiction book with lots of interesting facts, but isn't too overwhelming for him.  We found out that worms have no eyes (which was something Drew was wondering).  We also found out that worms choose leaves with pointed ends rather than round ones (who knew?)  Lots of basic information in this book about worms and how they help plants grow better.

9. Picnics
Hungry Harry heads off to find his own food for the first time.  He has a little trouble along the way but eventually finds his very own picnic lunch.  (We've also done a snack to go with this book.)

10. Splashing in puddles (even when we have to make our own)
Priscilla and the Splish-Splash Surprise is a story about Priscilla, who discovers a pixie while doing a rain-stopping dance.  (She thinks three days of rain is just ridiculous and has to do something!)  The pixie shows her how rain can be a good thing!

What fun warm weather activities did I miss? I'd love for you to share some of yours!

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  1. I love that you talked about making text to self connections! Those are so important, even with the little ones. Pairing books with activities is so much fun. I try to do it with my little guy even though he may be too young to make connections...he'll "get it" eventually!

  2. this is an amazing resource for books for the coming season!

    oh... and worms have no eyes? that throws a wrench in my love for the Diary of a Worm book...

    and i'd love it if you linked this up to my tip-toe thru tuesday party!

  3. Great list! WhooHoo warm weather! Bring on Summer!

  4. My son would be happy to play with your kids!!! I stopped by thanks to the lynky party ;) I'm following via GFC now! ;)

  5. Nice post. I don't always think of connecting books to outside play. Like the idea. thanks for sharing.

  6. I love all these go along books for outside time! My boys would love the worm book! Thanks for putting this together!

  7. Thanks for all the ideas~ I really like your header btw if I hadn't told you yet! So glad you linked to Things I've Done Thursday!

  8. What a great list..such an interesting idea! Thanks so much for sharing with the Kid's co-Op Linky!

  9. i giggled when i read that book again today.. thanks for linking up! see you tomorrow!


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