Saturday Slip-ups Round 2

I love looking at blogs and Pinterest.  But sometimes it's overwhelming how very many cute projects and fun activities there are to do. 

Luckily, this round up of good activities gone bad is not going to make you want to add anything to your to-do list!

(If you missed the flop round up #1, go check it out.)

Laura at Come Together Kids is so clever that she turned her Dr. Suess treat fail into a funny poem with a lesson!

Valerie at Glittering Muffins unintentionally made some treats for the squirrels when she attempted Kool-Aid Chocolate Chip Pancakes!
Deb from Teach Preschool shares how even the best ideas don't always turn out like you planned in her post about painting with popsicles.  And all's well that ends with a treat (or something like that).
I can totally identify with Ali's conclusion that it is never a good idea to interrupt an episode of Diego for craft time.  Check out her post When Christmas Craft Goes Wrong at At Home with Ali.
 Rebekah at the Golden Gleam reminds us that process is way more important to kids than product in her sweet post about making your own natural watercolors.
and a funny post about her irritation with marshmallows while attempting to make sculptures with them.

Join us for Saturday Slip-ups 3 next week!  And if you have your own flop, I'd love for you to share it in the comments!

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  1. I had a total crafting disaster with my boys birthday invitations. I posted about it earlier this week :o) At least we all get an A for effort!

  2. These give me the giggles! I also feel overwhelmed when I see all of these perfectly looking activities and it makes me feel good to know that things don't always turn out great for other families too. :) Hmmm, there's a lesson in that right??!!

  3. Awesome!! Thank you for including our craft fails. I shared this on my FB page.

  4. Ha ha ha we all have flops, great to read about them. Thanks for including me.

  5. We had a gardening flop when my son and I (in late Fall) planted carrot seeds! They took forever to NOT grow into carrots! (More like carrot bits and pieces!) The radishes turned out great, tho. I think we will pass on carrots this Spring!

    Love your collection of misfits! Wish I'd thought of that! (You should write a book about cooking, arts and craft, etc., flops! It would be a best-seller!)


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