Finding Faces

On impulse I grabbed Here a Face, There a Face at the library, a book about inanimate objects that look like faces.  I had no idea if my 3 year old would see the faces or if it would be too abstract for him.  He really liked it and saw some of the faces before I did.  There was simple rhyming text as well.
A few days after we read the book, he was "helping" me laminate something.  He said, "Hey Mom, that looks like a face." and sure enough, the paper guide on the laminator looked like a face.   We got out our cameras and took a picture.  Then we looked around the house for more faces.
Drew saw that the laundry basket looked like a mouth with teeth and I added the "eyes".
I found this one of our dining room buffet.
Yikes.  That buffet needs to brush its teeth.  That's not dust.  That's glare from the camera.  No, wait, it's residue from furniture polish.  Or it could fine, that's dust.

Daddy saw the radio looked liked a face.
At this point, Drew got distracted with something else, but he'll still find a face in something every once in a while.  I like that this book got us started thinking about things in a different way.

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  1. I want to check this book out now! So fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooh what a cute and fun way to explore your environment and look at things differently!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  3. That looks a great way to do a treasure hunt.

    Thank you for linking to Tuesday Tots


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