Cloud & Rain Sun Catcher

That's a little contradictory, isn't it?  This craft was pretty much a flop for us because it has too many steps and Drew is a mostly reluctant crafter anyway.  I'm sharing it though because I think it's cute for kids who are a little older.

We started by coloring some coffee filters.
We lightly (some more lightly than others) misted them with water.  You have to be careful not to get it too wet or all the color will wash out of your coffee filter.  Then we let them dry.
Lainey didn't make it any further than this step.  Drew and I cut the filters into cloud shapes and laminated them (of course, you could use clear contact paper.)
Then we punched some holes in the clouds.  One at the top and lots at the bottom.  We used the holes to attach our "rain".  I used gift wrap shreds.  You could also use tinsel, Easter grass, or string (which Drew chose because it was the easiest to work with.)
Here's our finished products:  (Yes, I know his is cuter than mine.)
Our book (which we all enjoyed much more than the craft) was One Rainy Day It's a really simple book describing all the things Duck encounters on a rainy day like red boots and an orange umbrella.  The illustrations are really sweet.

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  1. Every kid loves dippity dye on a coffee filter! It's like a rite of passage... every lil guy has to make one.

  2. LOVE this.. I have to try it with my little nephew..;))

  3. Wow, those turned out great. Going to pin it for my rain/rainbow theme I'll be doing soon.


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