R is for Race Track!

By the end of this activity my 3 year old could recognize a capital "R" and a lower case "r", he knew that they make the "rrrr" sound (as in race!), and he was worn out.
    All for about 10 minutes prep!

    I cut computer paper into fourths and made a bunch of big R's and little R's.  Then I used painter's tape to make two "race tracks".
    The little r race track was smaller and went around the kitchen island.  The big R race track went all the way through the dining room.
    After a little introduction where I explained that though they looked different, they both made the same sound (like RRRRRRRRace), I yelled out "Big R!" or "Little r!" and Drew ran around that track.  Sometimes I switched before he was all the way around the track. After the first few times, he had it down!  We played for a long time, which I thoroughly enjoyed because he was getting worn out and it was requiring very little effort from me.  Plus, staring at all those R's while he was running helped reinforce which was which.

    Other letter uses might be J's and have them jump around the track, H for hop, C for Crawl, etc.
    We also read Rabbits and Raindrops about 5 little bunnies who get caught in a rainstorm.  Their mother hurries them under a hedge where they see lots of other animals and insects also looking for shelter from the rain. My preschoolers loved looking for all the different things in the illustrations and counting the raindrops.
    Check back tomorrow for our Letter R Treasure Maps!

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    1. Such a fun idea. I'm always looking for learning activities. Thank you!

    2. You actually might enjoy my reading hop. http://www.meaningfulmama.com/2012/01/day-27-reading-hop.html

    3. This is a great idea, there are so many different themes that could be used.


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