Murphy's Laws of Dressing Your Preschooler

5 Murphy's Laws of Dressing Your Toddler or Preschooler

1. Your toddler's insistence on dressing himself without help from you is in direct proportion to how late you are.  Similarly, your preschooler's desire to choose his or her own clothing is tied to the importance of the occasion.

2. Any sauces, condiments, or art supplies that stain are 4 times as likely to land on clothing as their non-staining counterparts.

3. Statistically speaking, when left to their own devices, male children will wear an article of clothing for an average of 6.25 days.  Female children will want to change after 2.5 minutes.

4. Taking your preschooler out in public with dirty clothes and/or unbrushed hair triples your chances of running into someone you know.  (If you are the one with dirty clothes and unbrushed hair the chances quadruple.)

5. A lay person will tell you that the odds of your toddler putting their clothing on backwards is 50%.  Moms know that the odds are closer to 99%.

And since this blog is supposed to be about children's literature and not my ranting and raving, here is an adorable book about getting dressed:

Chamelia is about a little chameleon who likes to stand out.  She likes the spotlight and dresses to be the center of attention.  Unfortunately, she finds out that some of her style choices don't work.  Like high heels and soccer.  Chamelia feels left out.  By the end of the book, she finds a way to show her own personal style AND join in the fun.
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  1. I LOVE this post! So true! You forgot to mention pjs, my toddler loves to stay in his pjs!

  2. Love it!!! and so true :)


  3. You had me laughing all the way through but its o so true lol especially when I havent done my daughyers hair we always bump intonpeople we know and when I have it styles immaculately we never see them lol Plus whenever my daughter wears white we always end up in the park which leads to her trouser getting dirty, she ends up painting at my mums house and the paint over her sleeves plus she always gets her food on her top if it is light coloured its like they have mag sewn into the thread (",)

  4. Ooops I meant magnets not mags lol

  5. Haha, these are so funny because they're so true!! I especially remember #'s 1 & 4 :)

  6. This is great! Oh so very true!!!!

  7. I always just let my kids wear their clothes backwards anyway. They are so excited to actually do it themselves who wants to ruin that.


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