Handprint Cats & Sorting

We love kitties around here.  We spend about 50% of our day pretending that we are cats.  So of course we loved Cats, Cats, Cats! It's about a little old lady with lots of cats.  Her cats get up to all kinds of silliness when she goes to bed. The rhyming text makes it fun to read and we love the water color illustrations.  It's one of those books you can spend a long time looking at because there's so much going on in the pictures.
We made some handprint cats inspired by Handprint and Footprint Art's black Halloween cats.  We started with a handprint, turned it upside down, and added a face (don't forget the whiskers!) and a tail.
Here's one Drew did mostly by himself. He also wanted to cut it out because he love love loves his scissors.
For Lainey, I did a sorting activity.  I cut a bunch of animal pictures from magazines.
Then I made a "kitty bed" by putting a dish towel in a tupperware container.
I told her to put only the kitties on the kitty bed.  She began by scooping up all the pictures and plunking them in the container while yelling, "Good night night, Kitties!"
She did much better when I told her to actually look at each of the pictures. 
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  1. The catprints are adorable!! Also the kitty sorting game :)

  2. Your handprint cats are adorable! I love cats - will have to look for a copy of that book!

    Thanks for linking up to Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  3. I love the cat handprints, so cute! We have that book too, the illustrations are fabulous.


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