Green Eggs & Ham Water Bead Activity & Suess Link Party

In honor of Dr. Suess week, we did a fun activity to go with Green Eggs and Ham.
I filled some plastic Easter eggs with colored water beads.  My original intention was to fill them with water and put in one green water bead for the yolk but even the eggs that didn't have holes in them were pretty leaky.  Also, I figured more water beads=more fun.
I filled a bunch of eggs and when the kids woke up from their naps I set them up on towels with some bowls.
I didn't tell them what was in there beforehand and they loved it!  I had to fill them up over and over again.  We added some water and played with the water beads some more when they were done cracking the eggs.
They were happy to just play, but you could make this into a game by giving them each a container of the same size and seeing who fills it first.

(It's very important to supervise children closely while they're playing with water beads.  Children who still put things in their mouths should not play with water beads, even with supervision.)

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  1. I adore your site. I actually recommended you to someone who is just starting out. I'm hosting a bloglovin blog hop right now and I'd love for you to join. Bloglovin' is much easier to use then Linky and it's easy to join. Stop by and join on in.

  2. Ok, I keep reading about these water beads on blogs but I had never heard of them before. Are they something new? This looks like a lot of fun! We love Green Eggs and Ham-- one of our fave Seuss books!

  3. What a fun way to play with water beads - I also love that it is pretend cooking practice as well with cracking eggs.

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots this week

  4. Love this. I must buy some water beads. The store only had white ones but I want the colored ones. So many possibilities. Following you from the Linky Party.

  5. Thank you so much for hosting this Link-up! I was so inspired by all of the ideas that I hosted a Dr. Seuss play date! Please stop by and check it out:
    Thank you again for the inspiration! i LOVE your blog!! Brooke

  6. I LOVE both Dr. Seuss and water beads ... what a fun combination! I featured your post and photo in my 50+ Montessori-Inspired Dr. Seuss Activities post at


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