The Cat in the Hat Patterns

I've been wanting to do more work on patterns with my three year old since it's good for math and literacy development.  After I saw Jackie's Practicing Patterns with The Cat in the Hat post at Ready. Set. Read! I was inspired to do some patterning with a Dr. Suess theme.  (Go check out her post if you haven't seen it.  She has lots of good information and a cute craft too!) 
I drew a hat on construction paper and then cut out colored strips.
After we read The Cat in the Hat, we reproduced the red and white pattern. 

Then we played around with the patterns.  I started a pattern and then Drew finished it.  I can't say this lasted very long or that Drew was very enthused about it, so I couldn't really tell what he was able to do and what he wasn't.  He must have sensed I was trying to teach him something. 
Lainey's major activity was trying to keep all the red pieces for herself.
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  1. Cute! The good thing is that you can always come back to it later if he gets interested. Logan has just become a pattern superstar but it just clicked one day. I was kind of worried because I did the Hubbard's Cupboard curriculum with him when he was 2. It uses patterns all of the time and he was clueless. Looking back I laugh at myself that I was worried that he couldn't do patterns at age 2!

  2. LOL! My little guy is the same way. He has a sixth sense about when I am trying to teach him something when we are playing.


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