Window Turkeys

Today we read A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting.  Mrs. Moose wants a real turkey for Thanksgiving dinner so Mr. Moose sets off to find one.  He's joined by friends like Rabbit and The Goats.  Eventually they capture an understandably terrified turkey and bring him home to Mrs. Moose.  The fat turkey discovers that he is a guest at Thanksgiving dinner rather than the entree.

Of course, we had to make our own turkeys.  They were inspired by these coffee filter stained glass pumpkins, but since our coffee filters were unbleached, they don't look very much like stained glass.  We started by coloring our coffee filters with some markers and then got out the spray bottle and misted them with water, which according to the kids was the very best part.
Yes, we were still in jammies!

After they dried, we cut them in half and then made some construction paper bodies.  I cut out the shapes and Drew glued them together.
I don't think the pictures my photography skills do them justice.  They're actually pretty cute!

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  1. They're cute! I bought coffee filters today and I thought, "better get the white ones for crafts." I'm sure my husband will be thrilled that I base our purchase ideas off which ones will make the best craft, not the best coffee :) Also, love Bunting's book!

  2. My daughter made a coffee filter turkey last year at school using the scented markers. It retained its scent for some time!

  3. Just the inspiration I needed for a simple turkey project with my crew of young boys. They had so much fun and were so proud of their turkeys. Please visit to check them out at -


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