Our Preschool Turkey Hunt

Thanksgiving is almost here!!  I have a fun Thanksgiving activity for your little ones that requires almost no prep work so you can have some holiday fun with your kids and still have time to do the three bazillion things that need doing.

We went on a turkey hunt today.  The idea came from Turkey Surprise which is a cute story about two pilgrim brothers who go hunting for a turkey.  The younger brother is not at all sure he wants to shoot, cook, and eat a turkey, so whenever he sees the poor bird, he leads his older brother in the other direction.  The hapless turkey is helped by several other animals.  The bird tells him to hide in a tree, but the leaves blow away.  The fish tells him to hide in the water behind a rock, but the turkey realizes he can't swim.  Finally, the little pilgrim offers the turkey his own hiding spot and takes his older brother to the pumpkin patch.  They decide to have pumpkin pie rather than turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

I printed off the 20 little turkeys from the printable here and hid them around the playroom.  Then I told the kids we were going on a turkey hunt!

The kids loved it.  We kept having to do it over and over again.  "Hide the chickens! Hide the chickens!"  I could not convince them that they were turkeys and not chickens.

It was also good counting practice.
One thing that I thought was funny was that my three year old (male) would be standing right on top of a turkey yelling "I don't see it!" while I gave him "hints".  In the meantime, my two year old (female) would stare right at it, wait for him to see it, give up on him, and just get it herself.  This is very similar to how the older male and female in this house locate things.  Is that only my house?
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  1. This is a great activity. Going on a hunt is always fun, espcially around the house. Your kids looked liked they enjoyed themselves. Thanks for this idea. Keep the great ideas coming. Gobble, gobble, gobble! :-)

  2. You are one special mommy! What an amazing activity!


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