Strawberry Shortcake Party

Moira's Birthday is a fun, over-the-top story about a little girl who (against her parent's wishes) invites the entire school to her birthday party.  When they all show up, Moira orders 200 pizzas and 200 birthday cakes.  Eventually, she realizes the mess all this is making and gives each guest a present to get them out of the house.  My preschooler liked this one and I've read it to 5th graders who liked it too.  This past weekend, we had my daughter's 2nd birthday party and it felt a lot like that around here. Crowded and noisy and fun.

We had a Strawberry Shortcake party. Lainey calls her "Ba Core Cake" and loves her.  I'm not much of a theme person but here's some of what we did:

Strawberry balloons (red balloons, green construction paper, and a black permanent marker):
Cupcakes with a strawberry garnish:
And pink polka dots inside:  (more on these later)
And of course I have to show off my birthday girl: 
Auntie Donna made the ruffled "2" shirt.

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  1. Your birthday girl is just adorable and I love those strawberry balloons ~ how clever!

    Oh, and we LOVE Robert Munsch books too. Stephanie's Ponytail is our favorite, but Moira's Birthday and We Share Everything are close seconds. ;)

  2. Awwwwww, this is so adorable. I absolutely love the strawberry balloons. What a great idea. I also love that you compared your party and day to a book. I haven't read that book to my students, but I'll have to check it out. Thanks for these great ideas. Happy Belated Birthday to your little one.

  3. Thanks for not mentioning that I gave a 2 year a shirt with a pin still stuck in it. That would be embarrassing.

  4. I love how you chose to theme this party! And the strawberry balloons are awesome.

  5. Adorable cutie and party ideas rock! Love how you did the strawberry balloon!

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    Happy Friday! Susie

  6. The strawberry balloons are awesome!! And your lil one lloks adorable.


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