The Little White Owl: Puppet

**I've redone this post. Please go here and read that one instead (for both our sakes).

Little White Owl is the story of a plain, lonely owl who goes off to see the world.  He discovers some beautiful colored owls who don't like him because he isn't pretty.  When he starts to tell them his colorful stories, they see that his beauty comes from the inside.

When we finished the book, we decided to make some good old-fashioned paper bag puppets.  Here's what ours looked like:

They were really easy but we only had the attention span to make one.  I think it would be wonderful to make several; the white owl and the colored ones, so we could reenact the story.  Maybe when Drew's a little older.  He still had a great time.  Here's our puppet in action:

I did most of the cutting and Drew did the gluing.  These would be cute made with colored paper bags too.
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